PS3 Hacker Group "Anonymous" Announces “Operation Facebook”

theBitFix writes: Infamous advanced hacking group behind many hacking attacks lately like the PlayStation Network outage and more, Anonymous have announced they’re now targeting the globally famous social network, Facebook.

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iamnsuperman4197d ago (Edited 4197d ago )

Doesn't matter if I do not work at facebook. Who gets affected by data getting stolen or the service going down?. Me the user

Anarki4197d ago

Now maybe a good time to take all ur personal details off facebook.

fatstarr4196d ago

anyway what personal info is on facebook?

i have nothin up but my name and a school i went to for 1 semester... things i like? videogames? movies and tons of status updates that id say in real life and pictures?

its not like its a social security number...

tee_bag2424196d ago

Well if your personal details are on facebook they're anything but personal anyway.

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bub164196d ago

I agree with anon this time round. When anonymous were attacking playstation I disliked them, now after watching this video I have alot more respect for them i wish them all the best

BuffMordecai4197d ago

I don't care about facebook, let it burn.

Gothdom4196d ago

it's funny that at first they defended Hotz and now doing this, considering he works for facebook now.

nikola9874197d ago

Its fake! No news on any official Anonymous sites..

Speed-Racer4197d ago

That's clearly Stephen Hawking behind it all.

fatstarr4196d ago

they do have a point.

too much info is on facebook i cant wait to see what goes down. feels like im waiting for a good episode of skins uk.

Kurylo3d4196d ago

whats wrong with info being on facebook? how has facebook hurt anyone? these guys are just desperate losers eager for attention so they target something with a massive amount of followers so that they get known.. but truth is no one really cares about them and no one ever will. They might bring down a site like facebook for a day.. and then after that facebook is back and no one will remember. Truth is no one really remembers what happened to sony at this point.. there back in full swing with no problems now more secure then ever.

fatstarr4195d ago

No the point i was getting at was that facebook stores all your info even when you fully delete your profile all the pics u uploaded/tagged yourself in got tagged in etc comments everything stays there they just delete the link to your profile. that's messed that they store your data regardless of what you do. everything is in there somewhere. to truly delete yourself from Facebook you would have to go to every comment video link etc and delete your input and tags of yourself.

And are you serious... I still remember sony and what happened, seriously to forget that is to seriously not care about your own personal information. people need to stop giving them a pass and i dont know if their more secure than ever.

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The story is too old to be commented.