Antisec Hackers Dump Massive Cache of Law Enforcement Data

Hackers associated with Anonymous' Operation Antisec have leaked a massive cache of personal records, email messages and confidential documents belonging to law enforcement agencies.

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Ninjamonkey824196d ago

On one hand you see something thats kinda worthwhile like say kill facebook (Like any social network) :/ My personal opinion on that one of the biggest and easiest ways of bullying to spread out of the school system and the cause of many a teen suicide.

Then you see sh*t like this. Be this was where i was from this imformation would have been fallen into the hands of the rIRA and policemens lifes would have been on the line.

Not that they won't already be in danger in the states aswell. End of the day these are hard working people looking out for others that are being f**ked over by these idiots.

So it dont matter what my personal views are and that inculdes social networks end of the day there is jobs in behind those and these people dont give a crap about that at all and what affect it has on families etc when the fallout of there mess hits.

gaffyh4196d ago

There comes a point where you should just stop, that point was when they were hacking into the PSN.

Kurylo3d4196d ago

u think bullying comes from social networks? wow... thats like saying violence is caused by batman comics.

Social networks are just other ways of communicating... i for one love em.. can talk to people that i would never have thought id see again from my past.

You only get bullied if u let urself get bullied.

squallheart4196d ago

I agree fully ninjagoat. These kids need to be locked up instead of using their skills for advancement in technology and what not this is what they go for.

@kury social networking has both their good points and bad points. Its good that you can keep in touch with family and old friends but at the same time their is bullying etc. Don't forget the extent of stupidity that ran rampant on the eve of the japanese earthquake where users on facebook kept making racial comments, as such thats what japs get and this is for 911.

Kurylo3d4196d ago

bullying happens in highschool too... should we stop all education? Young kids are stupid.. and as long as there are stupid people bullying will continue... just look at the fine example the hackers are setting in being stupid.

Ninjamonkey824195d ago

As i said its not the way it starts, but its an easy way of helping bullying keep spreading esp with the teens today.

fatstarr4196d ago

oooo the maffia is gonna have fun with this.

snitches details are gonna be leaked. cant even trust the police really...

and @above bullying online smh. if the child knows they are a target why would they even go there. the internet has been a ground for battles and bullying for decades. it shouldn't change for some kids that aren't stable. that's what im hating about the internet today idiots are trying to change it. people who just came to the net in the last 3 years are the ones changing everything for the worse and creating stupid laws which hurt the everyday internet user. no mercy there are always ways to fight back on the internet.

Zeevious4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

...and on a superficial note, I can't take anyone seriously who actually crosses the Anonymous mask & the Planters Peanut guy.

How far "hackers" have come from credibility.
This isn't your code kiddies...Scripts are for kids.

Can someone please confirm for me that a group of morons actually took the Planters Peanut logo and added on a Guy Fawkes mask and then script-kiddied a server and posted it on 'Pirate Bay' - the site that was sold to a commercial outfit and WORKING WITH THE GOVERNMENT/TRACKING IP's

Am I seeing some bad, idiot-hacker version of some dramatic joke?
Ohhhh...77 websites! Wow...they popped a single server's password with shared data services for a county or region. Yawn...'s a PLANTERS PEANUT LOGO WITH AN ANONYMOUS MASK!!!!

Soooo...#Antisex - Do you know how embarrassingly HILARIOUS that is to anyone who really does wear a white, black, grey or checked hat?

Do you?

I can't tell you how many people at _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _/Sgm. I've already sent this to. Don't worry. We'll see you soon enough. I want to personally meet the person who combined a PLANTERS PEANUT LOGO WITH AN ANONYNOUS MASK.

I'll have a special cell, just waiting for you...just for you and it includes your very own copy of Microsoft Paint.

Doesn't it now, Little Hacky?