'Bubble Universes' and Multiverse Theory Tested by Scientists

British physicists have announced that the theory that our universe is contained inside a bubble, just one of multiple bubble universes in a "multiverse," can now be tested.

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Jocosta4195d ago

Good to know that both of you wasted the energy to let us know that you don't care! I on the other hand find the idea fascinating, and very worthwhile science.

zero_cool4195d ago (Edited 4195d ago )

I think we should be figuring out a cleaver & effective defense from the solar flares caused by the sun or that comet that's suppose to touch down in 2031 ect...!

GrumpyVeteran4195d ago

Really interesting! I've heard of this theory before. But may I ask....

With this theory, it states that all universes are inside a bubble, but then... what is containing the bubbles? What do the bubbles belong to? Outside of all the bubbles is what exactly? If I were to fly out of our universe's bubble and keep going would I go break out of a even larger bubble that is containing bubbles for the universes?

The Killer4195d ago

Allah told us in Islam and the Quran we live in the lowest sky/universe, and there are 6 more universes above us! each has a gate that the angels will not allow anyone to enter or leave without permission from Allah.

so in other words, humans will never be able to reach the end of our universe, because it is so huge and no one leaves it or enter it without permission from Allah.

and each universe is much much bigger than the universe which is inside it!

all ur answers about life and everything will be answered by Islam.

Jocosta4195d ago

Ick, you dragged religion into a science topic.

Peaceful_Jelly4195d ago

Why can we kill an ant or a roach and have no remorse but when it is a a much bigger animal like for example a dog we can feel a bit of it?

I think God see us all like ants and he simply doesn't care. Who said that an animal doesn't has a soul? What is a soul to begin with? Why would Allah even take the time to write a book with the answers of the universe if he doesn't want us to reach its end? Doesn't all that sound contradictory?

EsotericTengu4195d ago

Nice news article but the image they use is innacurate because what they show inside the bubbles are galaxies not universes which look like this:

EsotericTengu4194d ago

Good, you changed the image, now it's more accurate. better mental picture.

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