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Microsoft Announce Lego for Adults, Introducing .NET Gadgeteer

Gadgehit writes: "Microsoft has announced a new open-source toolkit for building small electronic devices using the .NET Micro Framework and Visual Studio/Visual C# Express. The .NET Gadgeteer is a way to make gadgets and prototype products, with very little electronics experience, as no soldering is required."

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dude_meister4677d ago

This actually looks pretty cool, the only problem is that if it really is the price is a little high. $250 is a no go, especially when you can get an actual gadget for that much.

Zeevious4674d ago

It's in line with a similar but older system, Lego Mindstorm 2.0 - they recently added Bluetooth control to the system.

I think they are both overpriced.

IronFist4677d ago

I'm not being funny, but isn't this a little dangerous on MS' part? Because wouldn't it be very easy to use this kit to create an IED?

Zeevious4674d ago (Edited 4674d ago )

Like your printer printing a microscopic barcode on each and every piece of paper you print with it, there's an embedded control system that could override this at any time, just like every other consumer device.

But that couldn't actually be the truth... or built into printers made over the past 20 years and only recently revealed -- Right?

fatstarr4677d ago

I am inlove, i might look into this i have low level experience with this stuff but ive built some painful products with tons of soldering involed. i might try this

gaffyh4677d ago

It will probably improve after a while when people start uploading code for certain things they've made. Kinda like that PSGroove hack, which used that little little chip, can't remember the name of it, but people had one a similar thing for that.