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Microsoft to hackers: Cash for exploit mitigation inventions

As the annual Black Hat hacker conference kicks off here, Microsoft is turning to the hacker community to help mitigate the Windows platform.

The world’s largest software vendor today announced Blue Hat Prize, an academic challenge aimed at generating new ideas for defensive approaches to support computer security. This year, Microsoft is offering $250,000 in cash and prizes to researchers who design a novel one-time mitigation for memory safety vulnerabilities.


Microsoft's Gaming Shake-up: 1900 Job Cuts, Senior Execs Exit Xbox and Blizzard

Microsoft is laying off more employees, a new round after they cut thousands last year. It seems like many big tech companies are doing the same.

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Apple's Bold Move to Train LLM on Trendsetting News

Amidst the AI frenzy of 2023, major players like Google, Microsoft, and Meta are in the spotlight, launching their own generative AI systems.

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Microsoft launches app for iPhone users to use iMessage on PC

Microsoft has made it easy for iPhone users to check their mobile updates on Windows-enabled computers.

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