Another Earth?

publiknewsense: "The fact that we’ve found a habitable planet candidate so soon after starting our search has important implications for the number of habitable planets that may exist in our galaxy – which was estimated to be around 10 billion."

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oli4648d ago

go land on it, and see if you live -_-

pijinio2124648d ago

que the star trek theme please.....

lil Titan4648d ago

so are we going to go on that planet and destroy it like we are doing to this one? keep in mind that planet is 3 times larger than earth so we are going to need everyone to pitch in to destroy this one. on another note i'll be really cool if we can go there aside the fact we would weigh 70 times heavier there i would feel like Goku training in the gravity machine

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4648d ago

70% more not 70 times. Its estimated at 20 light years away, its about time for someone to get the portal machine working. I wanna check this place out, you could see the day/night at the same time.

lil Titan4648d ago

thanks for erasing the image of me training in 70 times earth gravity on that planet...im no longer interested in going now are you happy with yourself

nickjkl4648d ago

you could always train at 70 times earth gravity in a gravity fiel thing

ive been thinking of building something like that

bu it involves electro magnets a big room and wrist arm bands but it does nothing for the rest of your body

lil Titan4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

@nickjkl Dr. Briefs?

gaden_malak4648d ago

Man people who talk on the planets behalf annoy me.
The planet isn't being destroyed and it is arrogant to think man could do that.

madjedi4648d ago (Edited 4648d ago )

Well we could in the future destroy it, but not the way the mindless environmentalists and their type believe. But we are referring to many many yrs from now, and very unlikely anyone would be stupid or crazy enough to try.

Now if titan had paid attention to developing technology and large business behavior, he would see an overall shift towards environmentally friendly products. energy sources and construction design.

Sorry we don't have any desire to return to wearing animal fur and living in cave, like some extremists think we should do.

Instead of making stupid comments like that why aren't environmentalists pushing the worlds government's for a replacement energy source for nuclear reactors.

Pushing for government funding of renewable wave and tidal turbines that generate clean power, or advances in solar cell technology. Something practical.

While this is old news to me still interesting, though for the next 200-500 yrs terraforming mars and if possible venus should be our primary inter solar space missions.

Till we have an efficient anti matter engine and can create it in mass amounts, and also find a work around or balance between vehicles velocity approaching the speed of light, and the incredible energy it requires to achieve that speed.

Any serious extrasolar travel explorations are a pipe dream.

Why does this retarded website have a second account, using my information, instead of my real account, joy.

ShabzS4648d ago

hehe... comedian george carlain had a stand up where he said the same thing... its up on youtube somewhere...

Greyfoxdbz4648d ago

Didn't they say the large hadron collider could possibly create a miniature black hole? if thats not dangerous then what is?

HenryFord4648d ago

Who is "they"?
There is not a whole lot to say about this... just read this:

N4SIR4648d ago

it's arrogant to think that man could not.

monkey nuts4648d ago

Er, we should be aiming for more humble sights, like mining asteroids for precious metals and gases. This of course is in itself thousands of years away, as the entire infustructure of the planet would need to change in order to support such endeavours. No ponzi schemes where goverments borrow the money they print incuring instant debt.
Anyway enough of what this beermat says.......

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blackburn104648d ago

Well that is a very negative thing to say. So we must never explore the galaxy or find other planets because you lump everyone together as planet destroyers. Not all of us destroy or hurt the planet you know.Besides if it is deemed inhabitable some of us could live there and give our original planet a break from trying to support us all. Think about it. The more planets we can live on the less of us each one has to support.

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L6RD7BLU34648d ago

It would be nice to go there in my life time :)

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