Mid-Range SSD Comparison 2011 - Hardcoreware

Hardcoreware: Ask anyone who owns an SSD, and they will tell you that it is the single most noticeable upgrade you can make to your existing PC (provided your PC is no more than a few years old). Unlike many products, which show higher “numbers” than their predecessors, the “numbers” actually mean something. If you are stuck with a mechanical drive, booting into Windows or starting large applications can be measured in times easily perceptible.

So now that you’ve been convinced that you want an SSD for your next PC, you have a lot to choose from. Every brand seems to have chosen a different SSD controller to base their products on, along with different types of flash memory. Therefore, the available products are significantly different even within the same price range. Today we will be looking at four different midrange SSDs from four of the most popular manufacturers.

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