Get the best of both worlds with GooApple (iPhone 4 clone running on Android)

The Chinese never cease to amaze us, this time with their GooApple 3G, an iPhone 4 replica running an extensively modified version of Android 2.2, making it look like the iOS software used on iPhones.

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toaster4676d ago


fatstarr4675d ago

you found your next phone toaster haha

Speed-Racer4675d ago

I'd actually buy this phone if they added the keyboard from the iOS. I love that keyboard interface, barely make mistakes on it versus on Android phones, but I guess it has to do with touch reception on the whole. Gotta love China though.

Anarki4675d ago

I kinda like the Android user interface more than iOS... don't see the point of it to be honest.

toaster4675d ago

@ Anarki

I prefer Android but I do love the iOS interface as well, with this you get the openness of Android with the styling and looks of iOS. I think it's great and would definitely get one.

Speed-Racer4675d ago

I wonder what Steve Jobs has to say about this?

"Android on a clone of my phone? AHHHHHHHHH!" *explodes*

fatstarr4675d ago

this is a paradox lol heads will explode over this.

michass84675d ago

haha now this is a very unique device :)

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