HTC Reports Record Profits In Q2, 12.1 Million Handsets Shipped

Looks like things are going well over in Taiwan, as HTC has reported record-breaking Q2 results this morning. In fact, the company sold 12.1 million units in the second quarter totaling a 123.7 percent year-over-year growth rate. After Q2 taxes, that brings YOY growth to 102.9 percent. If you aren’t good with percentages, that’s huge. In terms of quarterly growth, HTC is up 24.8 percent from the first quarter.

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fatstarr4202d ago

they better save all that money for the battle ahead.

toaster4201d ago

Great news from HTC :D It's not really a surprise really, their handsets are among the best on the market so I would think that they'll sell really well.