Adobe Doesn't Hate HTML5 After All, Adobe Edge Announced

Gadgehit writes: "Adobe has today announced a preview release of a new HTML5 design tool, Adobe Edge. The software allows web designers to bring animation, similar to that created in Flash Professional, to websites using standards likes HTML, JavaScript and CSS."

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lalalala4202d ago

Lol, why didn't they just give in in the first place? Everything's moving to HTML5 nowadays, and it is actually much better than flash imo, loads quicker and has better compatability with devices

toaster4202d ago

Flash is pretty much dead to me. Adobe is just trying to keep up with the times; if you can't fight them, join them :P

fatstarr4202d ago

onece every webplayer online stops running on flash html5 will be the winner.

IronFist4202d ago

I wonder if you can actually make a flash game or something with this (but with html5)

gustave1544201d ago

I hope adobe sells out to apple and html 5 wins

GrumpyVeteran4201d ago

Hell no. Don't think Apple is an advocate for technological progress.

mcstorm4201d ago

This has been comming for a long time. As soon as ms droped silverlight you knew html5 was going to be the next default. Im glad adobe google and ms are backing it. I really hope this helps bring the end to apples hold in the phone market and tablet market over then next 12 to 24 months.

Speed-Racer4201d ago

HTML5 is the future. Flash is such a heavy program. It had its time but with efficiency and optimization being a big part of progress these days, HTML5 is the way.

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