iPhone 5 Deal Breakers On Launch Day: Do You Have Any?

Is there any one thing that could eliminate the iPhone 5 on your list? Is there one feature that the iPhone 5 must have for you to purchase? Here are a few deal breakers that you should consider before committing in your mind that this is your next smartphone.

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Ulf3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

iOS doesn't have a development option under Windows -- that's my deal breaker.

iNFAMOUZ13823d ago

Iphone sucks, android ftw.

DiLeCtioN3823d ago

am thinking of buying a Samsung Galaxy S 2, should I wait or buy it?

-EvoAnubis-3822d ago (Edited 3822d ago )

The Galaxy S 2 is a good phone. I'd just go for it. There's ALWAYS going to be something new in the Android lineup that's better coming soon, so if you find yourself waiting to have the 'best' one, you'll end up never buying one.

Just look at the phones that are out and pick the one that does what you want. Then, in two years, do that again.

caseh3822d ago

S2 is a cracking phone. I've had mine for 2 months now, no complaints whatsoever.

toaster3822d ago

I don't think iPhones "suck", they are just different. I prefer Android but I don't see why iOS should be hated, there are lots of good thigns about it. It's not as open as Android for sure but it has its perks. You can't deny that the App Store is huuuuuge. The selection of games (the main reason I use an iOS device - iPod Touch) is amazing, and only recently have Android have the variety. Tegra Zone on my Transformer kicks ass!

lukasz3822d ago

Dont like iphones i prefer Nokia or se

spunkee3113822d ago

Nokia is still around lol?

-EvoAnubis-3822d ago

Well, if it doesn't run Android, that'd be a deal breaker. Don't see myself buying a phone that doesn't run Android.

BubbleSniper3822d ago

who thinks HTC Sensation would be a decent phone under the Tmobile stronghold?

toaster3822d ago

My aunt just got a Sensation, too bad she doesn't know how to use it!! She was all like "Haha I have a smarter phone than you do" and I was like LOLNOPE. It's really a great phone though and the display is beautiful, just make sure you strip Sense off because it is horrible.

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