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Immortality Through Technology?

We're approaching a moment when computers will become intelligent, and not just intelligent but more intelligent than humans.

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nopunctuation4651d ago

I would upload my mind unto a virtual world. That would be the only way to really be immortal.

Downtown boogey4651d ago

After uploading your mind onto the computer, you still wake up in the real world with your 'mind clone' inside the computer. He/she will live, you will die.

nopunctuation4651d ago

Damn you have a point there. Maybe I could at least make a girl version of myself and have cybersex with her. :P

EazyC4651d ago

That's fucked up.
I like it.

Mr Patriot4650d ago

Fuckin your own self 0_0

lil Titan4651d ago

The Thirteenth Floor anyone?

f7897904650d ago

Then a virus turns your mind into a zombie. Have fun with that.

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Lord_Sloth4651d ago

Ghost in the Shell cyborg body is getting closer...yeeeeesss...

*diabolical laughter*

EsotericTengu4651d ago (Edited 4651d ago )

Aging is a psychosomatic (psycho-physiological) disorder which can be reversed/cured. As for those who are already dead, we will learn how to bring them back using science.

A wise man once said: "supernatural is simply a term which we use to define aspects of nature which we don't understand"

"The past never really ceases to exist it only moves to a different part/time of the Cosmos"

In-depth info about Aging, the human psyche, and psychology here:

Guitardr854651d ago

And I believe Carl Sagan once said "Any substantially advanced technology shall be virtually indistinguishable from magic".

The Law of Accelerating Returns will continue to chug along until we hit "the singularity" which can be described as technology created by humans advancing faster than we can keep up with it. Trust me this makes sense as eventually the technology we create will be able to make itself better. This goes hand in hand with immortality as the vessels that we currently use (our carbon based bodies) will simply be replaced by more advanced silicon based consciousness.

I guess the big question we need to ask ourselves is, do we really have a soul?

jerethdagryphon4650d ago

it was arthur c clarke i belive not sagan

Epedemic4651d ago

They said the same shit where we'll have flying cars in the 2000s back in the 50s. We don't have shit and we for damn sure aren't getting immortality anytime soon. If anything, we won't have any matrix-esque virtual reality nonsense until 2050 is my guess. I'm going to be an old fuck by that time. 39+22 = 61 ughh.

EsotericTengu4651d ago

Well, the flying car has already been invented it just has not been put into mass use because it's not practical. Imagine all the air accidents and cars falling on your house. We need to improve guidance systems and safety measures before flying cars can be fully implemented.

BubbleSniper4648d ago

i have a bubble for you. i have thought the same thing only months back. I'd be all up for buying a flying car and redoing my drive-err.. Piots License

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