DRAM market remains weak, 2GB DDR3 modules to hit $10

TechSpot: Remember how we said RAM prices probably wouldn't get much cheaper in the near future? Well, that was very wrong. Citing anonymous industry sources, DigiTimes reports today that Kingston has cut deals to sell its 2GB DDR3 modules for as cheap as $11 (yes, that's eleven bucks), and that move has prompted competing firms lower their prices as far as $10.

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fatstarr4206d ago


why does my ram have to be maxed out.............. switching to 64 bit is such a hassle....

Thecraft19894205d ago (Edited 4205d ago )

How is it ?

I really don't know why MS even still sell 32bit version windows anymore.

fatstarr4205d ago

i got to back up so much things and the reinstalling of all of my programs -_-...
not ready for it im just gonna build a new rig soon enough.

Modestmex4204d ago

Wow that's great news for people who uhh stufff and shit...sleeepy hate life.

Crazay4203d ago

WOW!! Thats disgustingly cheap. Guess I'll be looking to bump up my Ram sooner than later.