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NASA shuttles run on 80′s hardware, among other things

Motorthusiast: "With the U.S. Space Shuttle program coming to an end some weeks ago, here are some very interesting facts that you may have missed out."

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Speed-Racer4686d ago

Hopefully the US start a new space program at a much lower cost.

SpitFireAce854684d ago (Edited 4684d ago )

Hopefully the US stops spending all that money on
wars which i believe is in trillions of dollars

fatstarr4685d ago

this is something that calls for an infographic, and the if it aint broke dont fix it b.s is a double edged sword sometimes.

Claude4685d ago

Meh, let's not let the world get overrun by infographics.

Speed-Racer4685d ago

Well in the case of the NASA shuttles, it would be too costly to revamp the hardware and software, when the current systems did the job perfectly. They were well above capacity, so no need for Windows 7 yet :P

Crazay4685d ago

Its sad to see the shuttle program come to a halt after so long but there's no doubt that they had some seriously outdated tech in these things. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes next.

zag4685d ago

You don't need a super computer to run these things, a battle ship runs on an PC 486 machine.

The reason why is you can get parts extremely easy and cheap, so if the ship gets EMPed and knocks out the computer it isn't expensive to fix it, and if there was a major battle you will find it hard to repair a super computer on a ship where as you can pull up at any port and do a search for 486 machines up for sale in the city.

The shuttle will be the same deal you can't have really complex computers as they become easier to break and if your in space when they break your either stuck, or can fix but will have other problems along the way.

How many times has the shuttle had problems in space and had to do a board change etc and reboot the system be far more than a few times.

the next shuttle system is like a plane, a guy from Australia has done the rockets/engines for this shuttle so it takes off like a normal plane but powers up like the shuttle.

so cheaper and easier to run and use.

Crazay4682d ago (Edited 4682d ago )

Regardless of what happens next, I'm excited to see the new rides. I bet they're going to be sweet!

I actually was under the impression they were going to be strapped to a huge airplane and then undock when they go to a certain height.

hesido4685d ago

I don't think the cost saving was the most prevalent issue, about using old microchips. Built on
micrometer manufacturing processes instead of the nanometer level processes of modern chips, they are much more sturdy in their operation, and much less prone to make critical errors due to radiation and extreme conditions in space.


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