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Apple Looking to Buy Hulu

Apple Inc. (AAPL), with $76.2 billion in cash and securities on its books, is considering making a bid for the Hulu online video service, two people with knowledge of the auction said.

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IronFist4211d ago

Would be pretty cool, especially if they could make it come over to other territories.

Captain Tuttle4211d ago

This could be huge.

Probably should be marked rumor though.

Crazay4211d ago

Ya it seems to me that it's just a rumor as well but it really would come as no surprise to me. I think they need something to anchor the Apple TV on.

fatstarr4210d ago

sigh id never watch hulu again it would be spun into some apple only gimmick with horrible rules. ill just stick to some other means for watching shows online.

but its not like they cant they have more liquid assets than the us treasury... keep feeding the hive money and eventually they will take over. i will be apart of the resistance fighting against the system. #the future in 10 years if this continues.

BubbleSniper4210d ago

don't know why you got a disagree. Apple is the new MS.

Acquiring Hulu would just draw it in to a closed platform that tends to hip kids who care more for the look of a computer rather than it's performance and value.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I4210d ago

if this would let so many of the shows/movies they have tethered to the computer only would help. Even if just for apple devices. Over half the items in my list have the these are not available to view on my device messages.