Why 3D Smartphones Are Pointless

Bright Hub: You love your gadgets, so when something new comes along in the mobile world of course you are going to get excited. There aren't that many 3D smartphones out yet, but is there a reason for that? Are 3D phones just a gimmick, or the latest must-have feature on a phone?

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codyodiodi4206d ago

I can only see it as a device that will hurt my eyes, just like the 3DS.

Samus HD4200d ago

I disagree only on the 3DS part

iamnsuperman4205d ago

3D is great for gaming and movies. Now on a smart phone with a small screen whats the point. Its an added expensive for a function that realistically will not be used that much. I underdtamd 3D tablets (even though i do not really understand the point of a tablet) but smart phone no

Crazay4205d ago

I'm a huge proponent of 3D media like TV and games but it's useless as a phone. its too small to look at.