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The Whitehouse just rickrolled someone on Twitter

The Whitehouse, in response to a user's tweet, decided to lighten the mood by essentially rickrolling the unsuspecting victim.

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Der_Fuhrer4211d ago

NICE! Now can you guys figure out to whole debt thing already??

Crazay4207d ago

looks like they've finally gotten their ducks all in a row.

Speed-Racer4210d ago

Economy fixes: Either crash it completely or force americans to accept lower wages, stop the excess spending on war, stop bailing out credit companies for the mess they caused (with their irresponsible investments and tactics).

China is fast becoming to world's number 1 super power because they are more efficient at what they do, work for less, and work much harder. Still wouldn't want to live there but they are taking advantage of the situation going on in the US.

Lord_Sloth4210d ago

China writes off being stabbed 10 times in the back as a suicide and they're known for sweat shops. It's not efficiency, it's damn near slave labor and fear to keep every1 in check.

duplissi4209d ago

economists are saying that china cannot sustain an economy like that though.... they may surpass us, but it will not last long before they fall right back

zag4209d ago

The Chinese government won't allow it to fall back though.

They are keep their growth up high as they are getting Chinese people to buy Chinese products till other countries get better again.

Then will export heaps again, having a billion + population has it's own advantages.

badkolo4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

if the governments wouldnt ruin everything then make us suffer for it things would be better, we shouldnt have to slave ourselves for a better life, these scum destroy the country, they should also fix it and stop making people bail them out. you sound like one of them when you say those things.

nopunctuation4209d ago

"economists are saying that china cannot sustain an economy like that though.... they may surpass us, but it will not last long before they fall right back"

History always repeats itself. USSR anyone?

zag4209d ago

China rig the books so they don't have to pay as much etc, the pays in China are meant to go up but they are saying they are a 3rd world country still and probably are seeing as it's only the people in the cities with the money really.

So use that to their advantage, but many countries don't want to push the issue as they in turn use China to get all this stuff made for them.

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theonlylolking4209d ago

The whitehouse has been rick rolling us for a while. They have now finally publicized it.

fatstarr4209d ago

Lol hahah its now acceptable to rick roll anyone now :D

creepjack4209d ago (Edited 4209d ago )

People have to stop equating government spending and the debt with the current state of the economy. They really have little to do with each other. The more money people as a whole make, the better the economy is. More money to buy products and services that make the economy keep tickin'. You cant cut your way to a good economy, that is almost like an oxymoron. That does nothing but kill jobs in both the public and private sectors.

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