Anonymous Legally Protesting Against PayPal

The world famous hacking group, Anonymous, has launched a fully legal protest against PayPal. Anonymous has asked followers of the Antisec movement to close down their PayPal account in order to try cease actions the online transaction giant has taken against Anonymous.

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technologymob2645d ago

As a note, #OpPaypal is currently trending worldwide. Might be worth tagging that onto your post if you haven't already, it's pretty impressive.

Madusha2645d ago

Wow that's impressive. Thanks for that mate, will add :)

Thecraft19892644d ago

What did pay pal do to them ?

technologymob2644d ago

Blocked / kept donations made to WikiLeaks, which anonymous supports.

Another note: If you look at eBay's stock for today... it's down 3%, around $1bn lost apparently (I can't say I understand the stock market, so no idea how accurate that figure is).

fatstarr2644d ago

wow they can make something out of this if they do it right.

thebudgetgamer2644d ago

did paypal block them due to a court order, or just because?

Kwertie2644d ago

I don't get why people want to support a group that leaks government documents. Don't you realise it's dangerous for national security? Any old terrorist can check stuff out on wikileaks and find out valueable informatin

bobtheimpaler2644d ago

While I hate anonymous and lulsec because they are really misguided and prove that they have very little understanding of the world in pretty much everything they do. I think highly of wiki leaks.

Individuals have a right to privacy. Governments should not. Wiki leaks haven't actually released any information on any current military operations anyway.

As a tax payer, I'd prefer my government to be as transparent as possible so I know where my tax dollars are going. And you want to make sure that what they are doing are according to your wishes not just as a tax payer, but as a voter as well.

If whistle blowers were going to be punished it would be harder to hold organisations (governments, Enron et al...real corporate and government villainy...not that sony and music industry sissy BS that anon get their panties in a twist over) accountable for their mistakes.