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Fox restricts online streams of new TV shows to 'authenticated' pay TV subscribers

Engadget: "Starting this fall, for the first eight days after they air, watching Fox TV shows online will require a subscription to Hulu Plus or a participating cable or satellite company. So far Dish Network is the first and only provider to sign up its customers for access to the new walled garden on Fox's site but others looking to fill out their TV Everywhere lineups probably won't be far behind. While pay-TV networks like ESPN with ESPN3 and the WatchESPN app and EPIX have already gone the "authentication" route, Fox is the first of the broadcast networks to do so. The new rules go into effect August 15th, then we'll find out if Fox is driving cable cutters towards paying for TV, piracy, or just ignoring the latest episode of Glee altogether."

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fatstarr4211d ago

Dear fox maybe you and all the other money hungry ass hole networks should pay attention to giving the masses what they want. its not like i cant just download the show elsewhere. at least b4 you got credited with my view and maybe some revenue from my viewing but now once you do this stupid sht you wont get anything from me.

i cant wait for a network that's all about free and giving people what they want comes out. its gonna put you guys outta business. I mean fox freaking 5 comes on everyone's tv for free right -_- not like i pay for fox.