3 Features iPhone 5 Must Have to Warrant a Buy

The rumors are circulating about it, but will it have what we’ve been clamoring for?

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codyodiodi2645d ago

I don't use Flash on my Droid, it's honestly incredibly clunky and I don't see why Apple would include a dying technology in their phone, especially when they have resisted this long. Everything is going to be going HTML5, why bother?

The phone will most likely have a better camera, it doesn't make sense why it wouldn't however the camera on the iPhone 4 takes good pictures, or at least good enough to be the most used camera on Flickr.

The iPhone 5 doesn't need a bigger touch screen. It's a phone FFS! I want something that fits in my pocket, that's the point of a cell phone, portability.

samoon2645d ago

It's better than not having it.

Cartesian3D2644d ago

yes it is.. in this area.. only big companies can push technology toward a new product or service.. without ditching Flash many sites or web base applications wont bother changing their tech to HTML5 or even give consumer a non flash choice, and we wouldnt see HTML5 as industry standard even after 5 years..

Madusha2645d ago

I would love for the new iPod Touch and iPhone to have full flash and java support. Makes online games and videos so much easier! Addons such as cloud browse and Skyfire have been able to implement such features but it would be better if the iOS Safari could do it.

iamnsuperman2644d ago

I didn't get the reasoning behind having a bigger screen. Like you said it is a phone. The Iphone 4 screen is the perfect size. One nice feature that not just the Iphone 5 needs (but would probably release along side and advertise for the Iphone but will appear on the Iphone 4 as well-that is marketing for you) is wireless syncing.

duplissi2644d ago

it is often clunky, but without it apps like kongregate arcade wouldnt be possible... which im sure is one of the reasons that apple doesnt want flash for ios...100s of free games? available outside the appstore...

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Speed-Racer2645d ago

Meh, they can keep it. I have a camera that takes great pics, and an Android which does everything iPhone at less the hassle. Apple is a dead brand except to the cult and more ignorant.

fatstarr2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

well said, qft.

Dont forget to add in the sheep, the people who cant decide, lemmings and casuals and hipsters. all people who are pushing technology trends in the wrong direction by going with a dead brand.

taken from my other post
"they are becoming the exact thing they talked crap about back then, pretty ironic dont cha think

iamnsuperman2644d ago

Dream on. Apple has gone down the designer clothes route. If the sell expensive products that not everyone can afford then they are seen as a superior quality. It is how apple has built its brand through this image. Look at apple computers. The software is good but hardware wise for the price they sell it at it is nothing special

michass82644d ago

Agree, well overpriced... People are paying for this very expensive apple logo :)

Ulf2644d ago (Edited 2644d ago )

I don't need to own a Mac to develop apps for an Android phone. Thus, iPhone 5 is out of the question for me.

Why on earth should iOS development be limited to Macs? That's pretty narrow-minded thinking, on Apple's part, as I see it.

fatstarr2644d ago

4 Words


apple is pro apple and a closed off room with a 1 way door.

they want to have an army of people
who have 7 different apple products vs someone who has a windows desktop a android tablet a chrome book and a windows phone. apple wants to kill freedom of choice.

they are becoming the exact thing they talked crap about back then,

iNFAMOUZ12640d ago

iphone sucks, android FTW