TheGamerAccess.com: Jawbone Jambox Delivers on Its Promises (Review)

"For those who missed Nick's Gaming View Episode #47, audio plays a large role in our daily lives whether its music, movies, games, or communication. We are surrounded by thousands of audio sources each and every day and as one who shares a great appreciation for solid audio quality, anyone promising an innovative audio experience captures Nick's interest immediately."


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Crazay4654d ago

Jawbone accessories are way overpriced.


Jawbone Mini Jambox Review - Mammoth Gamers

Laura really likes her music and likes it loud. She says "For years I’ve desperately wanted a Bluetooth speaker that could hold up to my high standards of audio quality while still being easy-ish on the wallet. Given just how packed the wireless speaker market is I found it pretty overwhelming at times to narrow the playing field down... I had lost all hope of finding a middle ground until I encountered Jawbone’s MINI JAMBOX. Admittedly it was the physical appearance that caught my eye first. Brightly colored with funky patterns, metal exterior, and about the size of an eye glass case. Fun, sturdy, and portable came to mind and Jawbone’s marketing team should give themselves a pat on the back for it. But how would it sound?"

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Vamphlet3312d ago

Absolutely obsessed with this speaker. Highly portable with its light weight and size and it handles bass like a pro!


JAMBOX Speaker Getting New Colors

Examiner.com: The uber popular JAMBOX smartspeaker is getting some new colors, as Jawbone announced today that it will give users the ability to choose from one of 13 grill and 9 cap colors from Jawbone.com.

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Jawbone Jambox update v2.2 adds silent mode, Android app compatibility, and more

TheVerge - Firmware updates for speakers are something we're still not entirely used to, but there are probably enough Jawbone Jambox owners out there for it to be considered normal soon enough.

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