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Two Fake Apple stores closed down

Two fake Apple stores operating Kunming, China have been closed down for not having business license, and not because of copyright concerns.

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fatstarr2643d ago

china isnt as lawless as i thought it was.

Zeevious2643d ago (Edited 2643d ago )

But I'm leaving for Dungyhong!

How will I get my $17 knockoff iCrap pad now?

It is a sad day when I can't get a souvenir Chinese knockoff in a knockoff store of the knockoff company.

Well, guess it's back to my POP-Station

MisfitSmurf2642d ago

Aww, i wonder what their next big knock off is going to be. I always love them :D

Speed-Racer2642d ago

Knock-off humans. Imagine your own clone fighting you down for a chic :/ LOL

ASSASSYN 36o2642d ago (Edited 2642d ago )

Not that it will solve the piracy issue, but this is what happens when you outsource. Your product leak right out the factory in china and onto the streets. Apple deserves this.

Typed from my iPhone 4.