Google Plus Deleting Accounts En Masse: No Clear Answers

A striking number of Google+ accounts have been deleted in the last 24 hours as the new social network struggles with its community standards policy around real names - alienating and frightening the people it aims to serve.

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Soldierone3581d ago

I actually had this issue. Not with my name personally, however when searching for people there were several accounts under the same name. Need a good example? Go search David Hayter.

Speed-Racer3581d ago

I know companies registering profiles for promo purposes would suffer since they wanted those to be separated, but Business profiles have not been introduced on the full scale yet.

GrumpyVeteran3581d ago

Aaand Google+ is going to die from this.

overrated443581d ago

Saying Google+ is going to die from this is like saying you stood next to a guy that was smoking a cigarette once so now you're going to get lung cancer. That's ridiculous.

Oxymoron0283581d ago

What? How is that even remotely similar?

GrumpyVeteran3580d ago

That analogy sucks. You didn't follow my logic at all.

OpiZA3581d ago

"alienating and frightening the people it aims to serve"

Really? Don't you think that's a tad strong?