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TecStories: New Intel i7-3960X Preview

Is your core i7 990x not fast enough? Can you only complete super pi in about 7 seconds? Is it getting you down and causing you to lose out physically and emotionally? Well looks like you're in luck, with Intel's new i7-3960X you can gain up to 47% in any benchmark that comes along to ruin your otherwise, computing hassle free day. That right folks, Intel thinks their new chip is going to be 47% faster. If you've ever seen a 990x in action, this is a little bit flabbergasting.

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bwazy2646d ago

Because we all know, more numbers = faster yo!

fatstarr2645d ago

its probably 2x the price of the 990x.

i still managed to make an i7 work at 50-80% cpu and actually make the computer move slow, took a lot of multi tasking but it got the job done.

sigh the lowest tier i7 is fast so id like to at least see this claim of 47%.