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One Million Lion OS Downloads in First Day of Release

Apple says that their newest Mac OS, Lion, has stacked up over a million downloads in it’s first day of release. The OS costs $29.99, a price that’s more than worth the content you will receive.

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codyodiodi4217d ago

I don't know if I should be impressed or not. Did Mac users get any notification that this was out and they should download it? If Apple did this then I'm not very impressed, since it was only $30...

However if they didn't give their customers a notification... I'm still not that impressed. I mean it's Mac, everyone that owns one should have updated yesterday. It is basically a cult after all.

fatstarr4216d ago

im sure apple spammed it and their top users in their cult spammed it to their followers, thats all kevin rose yapped about in google + for a few days.

but 30$ hell if you gave me windows 8 for 30$ im sure it would hit 10million downloads in 2 hours.

RBdrift4215d ago

Is it really worth it. Im happy using leopard 10.6.8. without any issues.

drdistracto7074215d ago

no complaints so far, only good stuff — easily worth 30 bucks

maverick11914215d ago

got it for free because i purchased a mac last week so i got a code for it from the store im on my second mac and its a improvement to say the least

drdistracto7074215d ago

The absolute best part about it though is that the dashboard widgets don't take forever to load, just swipe over to the dash space and BAM! there they are working, no loading or waiting!

jon12344215d ago

we were watching apples stock in my finance class when the OS came out, it went up by 10%!!! some people made bank on that, i wish i had enough to by some of their stock :'(

T3MPL3TON 4215d ago

So basically you're telling me the cult of Apple couldn't pull bigger numbers for the company they love oh so much? That's sad.

It's a different situation but didn't Firefox 4 do like 7.1 million in the first 24 hours? Now that is impressive.

maverick11914215d ago

theres a difference firefox is free

mac osx lion is not but yeh i see your point it is impressive but i prefer chrome imo

T3MPL3TON 4215d ago

Oh I totally get that one is free and one is not but you would think that a OS that is supported in the same way video game consoles are, you'd assume they'd show more support for the company they would probably spill blood for.

I'm not 100%, sure but I thought the previous OS update did better numbers than that.

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