FBI arrest 16 Anonymous members, 14 of which were involved in PayPal cyber attacks

Fourteen individuals were arrested earlier this week in a series of raids conducted by the FBI, in conjunction with the recent cyber attacks carried out on the popular e-commerce business PayPal. Two other people were later arrested on other cyber related charges.

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RonyDean4662d ago

The FBI is kickin ass! Love that they gave out all the hackers names.

Speed-Racer4662d ago

There were more arrests, some of them being 13 years old

nopunctuation4661d ago

Good. All these cmmunists deserve to be in jail. We dont need all this sharing bullshit. Thats how wars start.

caseh4661d ago

Communists, wars...I honestly can tell if you're being sarcastic or if you're just slightly retarded.

lukasz4661d ago

the paypal is what im worried abaut im happy that they were arrested

tawak4661d ago

what abaut you worried abaut paypal?

smurfz4661d ago

Anonymous is a revolution on a global scale! The fact that you people are glad that they got arrested is disgraceful. These people are pointing out the government for the evil that they create.

BlackTar1874661d ago

Please stop.

with your its for the people BS. Maybe some stuff is FOR THE PEOPLE but as a whole it is some self ego inflating rant they feel they are entitled to

Entitlement is the disease these hackers have.

Oxymoron0284661d ago

No, anonymous are disgraceful. Only supported by the scared and idiots.

Speed-Racer4661d ago

But dude, if they DDoSed your site, would you be cool with it?

Human Analog4661d ago

If you don't like the Gov't then move to some place better like China, North Korea, Russia, South Africa, Iraq.... The list goes on. It's people like you that make this country f'ed up like it is. No ones is forcing you to stay here. I'll bet it is just pure fear of loosing all the REAL freedom you have, and handing it over to some other country for you principals. Dude, do the world a favor and stop thinking.

RockmanII74661d ago

Wikileaks isn't part of Anon.

cpt_kaos4661d ago

Anonymous are nothing but a skidmark on peoples jocks which get wiped away in the next cleaning.

Jihaad_cpt4661d ago

Dear Smurfz without government your cushy country would be like Somalia, then you would be bitching and fucking whining to live in countries like like the one run by your evil government. Your problem is one that happens when you have not had any hardship in your life and have no idea what hardship is. You haven't had to worry about leaving your door unlocked because someone will break into your home and rape, kill and take everything you have, you haven't seen what it's like to live in countries where people have less nothing and go to be actually starving and not because they are lazy but because they are uneducated and cannot find work. Please shut up you annoying wanna be martyr

Guitardr854661d ago


Dude are you serious? When I read your comment I actually laughed a little bit. It reaks of cheesy "down with the man/fight the power" antics that I thought were sooo cliched that NO ONE would ever use them seriously anymore...Thank you for the laugh...

But seriously...You really think that a group that steals innocent people's money (I'm talking about customers, not the companies so don't try and steamroll us with that train of logic)is honorable and revolutionizing? I call just plain criminal. I hope to god you're a young kid that will one day grow up and have bills to pay of your own, otherwise, i just feel pity for you...

Bucky Sligo4661d ago

@ Human Analog

South Africa? What are you implying?

Kaneda4660d ago

Anon is just like any corrupt government. Their ego just got in the way, and lost their purpose. They attacked gov. and corporations with the results that people got affected more.

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Eoure4661d ago

I'm sorry, I just can't find it in my heart to support a group of criminals who by their actions, would prejudice the consumers which they claim to protect.

Not to mention many of the Lulzsec were part of the anons at one point. So nothing good comes out of these guys...

smurfz4661d ago

You say nothing good comes from these guys but because of Anonymous they have helped westboro baptist church back off and more people aware of the evil that comes from those people.

Seems like a majority of the comments on this submission are probably from PS3 users who are still sad that they took down the network. If you read into why they attacked Sony you wouldn't be hating as much.

kurochi4661d ago

STFU. I don't care why they're doing it, hacking and stealing any kind of info that threatens a nation's sovereignty & security is wrong.
Also, tell your stupid sob stories about Anonymous to the Navy Seals that killed Bin laden. You think that this mission would've been successful if it was leaked on wiki? You have no e-fing idea what kind of damages it'll do and will continue to do. All you see is intentions, not consequences.

Eoure4661d ago

I'm trying to be objective here and you're coming with this PS3 fan bullshit?

I know why they attacked Sony, everybody knows why they attacked Sony. But they claimed they did it for the users and ended up taking the whole network down and stealing nearly 100 million accounts information, I don't think anybody was happy about this.

Now, It makes no difference if they would've done this to Microsoft and the XBL, I would still not condone it.

And you're right, they have done some good things, but the bad things greatly outweigh the good things. If the Anonymous were so good, they would've helped bring down the Lulzsec which they themselves contributed in creating...

zag4661d ago

If they had kept to only doing that stuff then maybe fine as those people would have also started asking for the cops as well.

But the group went onto Sony and handed out 100K account details.

Sony pictures handed out another 60K of account details.

Then all the game companies and MMO sites that got hacked and some data released.

Then all the FBI and CIA sites getting hacked.

In the last few days it's been the news sites.

If you don't want to get fucked over for hacking then why shot the cops with hacking the FBI and CIA sites, why burn the US flag with saying obama is dead on news sites.

Once you start to fuck around with peoples money and stuff people don't seem to care what these people did last time around.

Most of it probably did nothing anyway to help as the 3rd world countries didn't really need hacking but net access so you could post stuff, which is why theose people used sat phones and not mobiles etc that was all cut off on know power turned off etc so you can't hack that stuff back up.

Human Analog4661d ago

Oh, I get it. They are like modern day Robin Hoods. Oh, wait. They are not giving to the poor. They are making it more dangerous, and difficult to do business as we like (on the internet). That doesn't sound like it's helping me much. Do you realize what a pain in the ass it is to have to change your credit / debit card info 2 - 3 times in a year? Sony didn't personally effect me and my life. But loosing my banking security sure as hell did. They are nothing less than terrorists, and no better than the ones we are fighting in the middle east.

cpt_kaos4661d ago

Fact is they hacked the NetWork BUT IT WAS SONY WHO chose to take it offline to investigate the breaches.

Anonymous LOL hardly now the FBI have ripped them a new AHOLE!

Guitardr854661d ago


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