Heads Up: Philadelphia to Ticket People for Texting While Walking

Starting next month, fines of up to $120 will be levied against bicyclists "riding on the sidewalk or running red lights" and "drivers who don't respect the bike lanes," says CBS Philly.
But the crown jewel in this plan? "Pedestrians who text while they walk without looking ahead will also be targeted."

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AuToFiRE4215d ago

what? so they are going to start ticketing people who cant walk and chew bubble gum too?

lugia 40004215d ago

But with the bubble gum you can look forward. If youre texting youre basically looking down and you are not paying attention of what is on front of you.

This is a stupid law, What could possibly happen to you while texting?

AuToFiRE4215d ago

i can see forward while texting, dont know why others cant