How to Improve Your Google+ Experience with These Three Tweaks

Ron Schenone from Lockergnome: "If you have been fortunate enough to have received a Google+ invitation, I am sure you have most likely figured out to use the newest social networking site. But are you actually take full advantage of everything Google+ has to offer? Below are five tweaks that will help you take full advantage of what Google+ has to offer."

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fatstarr4664d ago

Good options

"Surplus adds a notification pop-up that allows you to post or respond without opening a new tab in your Google Chrome browser."

isnt this already standard? anytime i click notifications i get a small window with the post and i can comment/watch the content.

codyodiodi4664d ago

I think they are talking about a popup on any website, not just a Google website. Not sure though I haven't had the chance out Surplus.


Google+ communities will now sort posts algorithmically instead of chronologically

Social networks have started to embrace algorithmic timelines (that is, where posts are sorted based on how the service thinks you will like it), instead of showing each post in chronological order.

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Google+ profiles may not be needed to post Play Store reviews anymore

According to several tips from Android Police readers, the Google Play Store may not require you to have a Google+ account to write reviews anymore.

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Google launching in-house startup incubator called 'Area 120' | ZDNet

Google's new incubator could help it keep talent by providing new business plans with funding, but is it enough?