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How to Improve Your Google+ Experience with These Three Tweaks

Ron Schenone from Lockergnome: "If you have been fortunate enough to have received a Google+ invitation, I am sure you have most likely figured out to use the newest social networking site. But are you actually take full advantage of everything Google+ has to offer? Below are five tweaks that will help you take full advantage of what Google+ has to offer."

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fatstarr4220d ago

Good options

"Surplus adds a notification pop-up that allows you to post or respond without opening a new tab in your Google Chrome browser."

isnt this already standard? anytime i click notifications i get a small window with the post and i can comment/watch the content.

codyodiodi4220d ago

I think they are talking about a popup on any website, not just a Google website. Not sure though I haven't had the chance out Surplus.