Your Sunday Nerf buy: Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 is worth your $20

ArsTechnica: The more I play with Nerf weapons, the more I notice that there are things you need to look for in the guns you're going to be using to shoot your children or pets. In terms of the more recent line of blasters, the Nerf Dart Tag Quick 16 may have a silly name that I'm not going to type again, but it has more than enough in the design department to cause me to fall in love. It hits all the right notes... and targets.

This is a gun that holds a good amount of darts, is large and comfortable in your hands, and has good range. At $20, it's hard to pass up.

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fatstarr2652d ago

haha this is kinda cool, for 20$ i can shoot my friends all day like i used to b4 they took away my last nerf gun.

toaster2652d ago

Dude, my nephew recently got a Vulcan. That thing kicks ass! I have a Longshot and I thought that was a beast of a gun but then the Vulcan comes out and overshadows pretty much every single toy gun on the market.

fatstarr2652d ago

its a shame it costs so much lol I am way to old to be buying a toy gun that expensive. but i still want one .

i wonder if they have any nerf leagues.

GrumpyVeteran2652d ago

haha I have some silly nerf gun somewhere around here I got for xmas a couple years back. We're all pretty old for them, but they're still a lot of fun to use :D. Almost tempting to buy one of those super nerf guns I see on TV.