MySpace Founder Offers Up Advice for Google+

MaximumPC: Taking advice from anyone associated with MySpace might, on the surface, seem to make as much sense as asking Casey Anthony for parenting tips (too early?), or LeBron James what it takes to win a championship. But let's not forget that, at one point, MySpace ruled the fickle social networking scene, even if only because it didn't really have any competition.

Still, the site sold for upwards of $580 million before plummeting in value, so at some point, MySpace co-founder Tom Anderson must have been doing something right, so maybe Google should hear him out.

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fatstarr4663d ago

tom is hilarious on G+ and yea facebook is doing something fishy, i barely see all of my friends and some people barely see me. its a shame that you dont really exist on that many of your friends networks unless you interact with them alot.

zag4658d ago

You need to make posts on facebook and they need to make posts.

If you don't you become inactive and those inactive people could get in the way of people who are posting and doing stuff on facebook.

it's fair enough I think.

you can find them by going to the profile and they will list up in the friends lists and stuff.


Google+ communities will now sort posts algorithmically instead of chronologically

Social networks have started to embrace algorithmic timelines (that is, where posts are sorted based on how the service thinks you will like it), instead of showing each post in chronological order.

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Google+ profiles may not be needed to post Play Store reviews anymore

According to several tips from Android Police readers, the Google Play Store may not require you to have a Google+ account to write reviews anymore.

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