FroogleGeek: 15 Free Antivirus Programs That Don’t Suck

Cody from FroogleGeek: "Let’s face it, if you paid for your antivirus program you spent too much. There are plenty of free antivirus programs out there that will do the job just as good as the paid ones. One of the best things about free virus scanners if you can download more than one and run them one at a time to see if your computer is infected with anything. Granted you shouldn’t leave more than one antivirus program installed for a long period of time, running multiple virus scans from different companies can pick up viruses that one scanner may have missed."

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michass84519d ago

pretty good list, but what do you think about Microsoft Security Essentials?

lukasz4519d ago

yeah the free ones are not much worse sometimes even better than the ones you pay for


PSA: If you’re using these Chrome and Firefox extensions, delete them right now

If you're using any of these four extensions from Avast or AVG on Mozilla Firefox or Chrome, they are collecting way too much data.

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Antivirus software firm AVG acquired by Avast for $1.3 billion

Antivirus software company AVG Technologies has been acquired by rival Avast Software for $1.3 billion.

Both companies were founded in the Czech Republic and expanded globally with AVG going public in 2012. With this deal Avast will purchase AVG, now based in The Netherlands, at $25 per share. Avast has received financing of $1.6 billion from Credit Suisse Securities, Jefferies and UBS Investment Bank to complete the deal.

freshslicepizza2703d ago

two of the top free offerings now only one.


Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life by 20 Percent with Avast Battery Saver - techtrickz

There are too many battery saving apps available on Play store to extend battery life, but in reality, most of them do very little. However, Avast Battery Saver offers a great way to help extend your phone’s battery life by 20 percent between charges.

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