LulzSec return; hack The Sun / News of the World

LulzSec have claimed to have hacked into The Times Online's website, exposing email accounts email accounts belonging to The Sun as well as a 'buggy app' which they have exploited.

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technologymob4613d ago

Adding updates as they are available. Would post to the story but it seems it can't be done until a story has been posted.

fatstarr4613d ago

and they are back :D i wonder what level they have ascended to cant wait to read all the headlines.

KazumaKiryu4612d ago

Finally, they're doing something good.

xVeZx4612d ago

good screw everything else up...just stay away from my video games : )

AuToFiRE4612d ago

oh lulzsec, when will you learn you are simply screwing everyone over and giving the governments reason to implement bills that allow them to spy on us?

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