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Banned from Google+, Anonymous creates Anonplus

TechSpot - Google has reportedly banned a handful of Anonymous members from Google+ (it's not exactly clear how many accounts were shut down). The hacktivist group likened Google's actions to the stories of activists being banned from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, as well as governments blocking various websites using Internet censorship tools. As a result, Anonymous has decided to create its own social network: Anonplus, located at

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zag4219d ago

I find it interesting that Anon, that disbanded last month is now doing up a social network.

Which will be great because the police will just hack into the site and pick up everything.

All the Anon servers will have been hacked heaps of times, they probably don't know it yet or do know but don't want to say it.

fr0sty4219d ago

I thought is was Lulzsec that disbanded?

Sahil4220d ago (Edited 4220d ago )

what a

Is there an Anonbook?

codyodiodi4220d ago

Who would join this? I don't want to give a hacker group my information.

The Killer4220d ago

do u think by any chance the government doesnt spy on u? how else do u think they fight muslims? in order to catch on "terrorist" they spy on every damn american or human using the internet!!

could u tell me again where do u live in Mars exactly?

Guitardr854220d ago

LOL, somebody should hack the anonplus site and then watch them complain about how its unfair.

NEWSFLASH!!! Google banned Anonymous because they are basically domestic terrorists. I know its not cool anymore to throw that word around because its soooo 2001 but hey, if the shoe fits...

I mean these guys get pissed at a website for, you know, trying to make money, so anon will try to hack them and steal their customers information??? WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE, AND WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE PEOPLE THAT SUPPORT THEM. I think some assume that the world would be better in total anarchy where someone could kill them and get away with it...yeah, good idea, NOT!

I can't wait until a real FBI manhunt starts for all of the Anon guys!

Sarobi4220d ago

You must not know what Anonymous has done in order for them to have so many followers, Anonymous is not a label of hackers, but a label of random people, Anonymous is the reason for almost every internet joke ever made (also known as memes), and has actually done some pretty strong movements on the internet

But most importantly, Anonymousn is not even a real group, anyone can say they are anonymous, which ranges from so-called "Hackers" to your ordinary teenager browsing 4chan, it's just a virtual mask that many millions use.

Guitardr854219d ago

On the contrary, I DO know that they have done, and I think their "followers" as you label them are nothing more than 16 kids who think its cool to follow a movement that shakes up the system. You know Weather Underground had a lot of followers to and they had ideals, but did that make blowing up building and killing people alright? NO, it did not. Anon is exactly the same except the landscape has changed. Instead of blowing up building and making bombs they are destroying the digital environment and making the internet (the loci of modern communication) an unsafe place for all. Anyone who validates their actions in any way is simply encouraging them to continue their destruction. This is not a shade of gray issue. With all of the damage they have caused to an economy that is already sputtering to get along, we all need to tell Anon that what they are doing is NOT helping but hurting everyone. Yeah sure some companies will have stronger security now...YAY, but at the cost of customers potentially losing all of their financial assets? And don't even get me started about hacking the police websites...what was that about? Like I have said before, what are they going to do next, hack a hospital because a janitor that works there pissed them off.

I realize that Anon is more of a disembodied movement rather than a centralized force but all we are doing by defending them is encouraging even more people to join their cause...which is what? I don't even upgrade internet security, down with the man, start a new world order? I bet if you asked 90% of people in Anon they wouldn't even know themselves...they are just trying to find something cool to do before their mom tells them its past their bed time...

End of rant

zag4219d ago

Yep sure would be good to live in total anarchy where next door comes around a flogs all your hacking stuff to sell off for some spare cash they wanted.

Most of these Anon people wouldn't even have the faintest idea how things really would be in real life.

The net sure wouldn't exist as people will just segregate it and when other people get pissed off they will just blow up data centers.

tawak4220d ago

cant wait to give my personal info and my credit card info on my profile!

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