The biggest challenge facing Google+ (that nobody is talking about)

Techi - Google+ faces dozens of major challenges as it tries to break into the social networking world. Facebook is a fierce and aggressive competitor now that just broke the 3/4 of a billion users mark. Google’s reputation based upon past social attempts is tarnished. A large portion of those who will be social networking in the next year are already doing so – there just aren’t a ton of people who are still “on the fence.”

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codyodiodi2740d ago

You could just say "plus me"

smurfz2739d ago

Catch you on the plus side.

fatstarr2740d ago

its most likely gonna be

G+ me
or 1upd it that's the terminology ive been seeing
or just plain 1+'s the only things effected by it is the actual site 1+ if people actually use it as the standard.

lukasz2736d ago

its going to be bigger than facebook i think