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Monkey see, monkey sue? Or, can a monkey hold a copyright?

Techi - Remember the amazing self-portrait of the monkey that was making the rounds the other week?

The Cliff’s Notes background:

A photographer, David Slater, left his camera unattended for a little while while he was in the forests of Indonesia. A female black macaque got curious, as monkeys are wont to do, and picked it up. The image accompanying this article was among the results.

The photo, first published in the Daily Mail, quickly made the rounds on the Internet and a monkey star was born. This photo was published simply EVERYwhere.

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lukasz4220d ago

yeah the monkey was taking pics with a stolen camera cocky criminal

AuToFiRE4220d ago

I feel the owner of the camera should hold the copyright, not an agency, but until we have equal rights for primates as humans, people will continue to fight over this