VR Zone - Alienware M14x gaming notebook review: it's all about pleasing our alien overlords

VR Zone - Gaming laptops, you say? Who needs them when the world is moving towards smaller, low-powered machines that are designed to be versatile enough to handle everything the average consumer can throw at it? Well, tell THAT to the gaming community which strongly believes in the benefits of having a notebook powerful enough to handle most of today's games with little to no compromises on performance. And of course, you can't really talk about gaming machines without mentioning Dell's Alienware line of gamer-oriented PCs and notebooks now, can we? Join us as we put Dell's Alienware M14x gaming notebook under the knife in this review to see if it is worthy of having us 'puny mortals' accept it as our gaming overlord.


Nvidia GT 650M on rMBP actually better than Nvidia GTX 660M

The Pundit Report writes: "Benchmark scores and performance reports from users which show how the overclocked 650m in the rMBP outperforms the Alienware m17x 660m when there is consistent demand, like gaming."

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ThePundit4079d ago

And it's just as expensive too. Love the picture of the alien mac though !

Appoid4079d ago

ppl usually say tht mac is more expensive than similar performing PCs.. this here are two similar performing devices at same price \m/


Capsule Computers |Alienware New Laptop Line Gaming Performance Report

"...It was there that we were allowed to preview and play with the latest in Alienware gaming hardware. In our report we will be discussing the newest laptop line from the crew featuring the newest Sandybridge Intel Processing architecture and the latest in gaming graphics processing technologies..." ~ Capsule Computers

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Capsule Computers |Alienware: Game Victorious Event Coverage

"Ever wanted to play a videogame on the big screen at a cinema? Well, Capsule Computers were lucky enough to have the chance to do so today at an event held by Alienware and Dell. The event was to showcase the new range of gaming laptops that have just recently been released, and what better way than to hook one of those bad boys to the big screen and let us gaming enthusiasts duke it out in a Need For Speed tournament. Okay well, the tournament was rather unofficial, as we casually tried to out do each others best scores. I am not ashamed to admit that I didn’t fare to well, but hey. That’s not what is important here." ~ Capsule Computers

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