PC World: Alienware Aurora Review

PC World: The new Alienware Aurora is well-designed with a great case and a few neat features, but it’s a little pricey and doesn’t keep up with category leaders in our performance tests.


Alienware Aurora R9 Gaming Desktop Review - Power You Can Rely On – Pokde

Looking for a gaming PC with power that you can rely on and is easy to use? Check out Pokde's in-depth review of the Alienware Aurora R9 gaming desktop.


Alienware Aurora Gets the new Intel 9th Gen k-Series CPU's

Roughly five years ago we began planning the Alienware Aurora. While working with many teams in many regions, we always knew that we’d have to offer the latest performance. As has been the history of Alienware, performance is paramount to the brand’s success and is the first feature customers expect.

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Alienware Aurora review: A lot of VR-ready desktop in a small package | CNET

CNET | The Alienware Aurora desktop can fit two new Nvidia 1080 GPUs in its small case.