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Best BlackBerry PlayBook apps

Pocket-Lint: So, you’ve bought the BlackBerry PlayBook, you’ve mastered the intriguing OS and you know your up swipe function from your down swipe function and your left from your right. Good stuff. The next trick, several software updates later, is to get some content going on and that largely means apps.

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Video Store application for BlackBerry PlayBook now available in Canada

Engadget - We all know things aren't exactly looking bright over at RIM's Waterloo HQ, but, thankfully, that's not keeping the company from taking care of its current and very valuable customer base. How so? Well, earlier today the BlackBerry maker announced its official Video Store application is now live in Canada's App World, giving the PlayBook crowd a hub to buy / rent "thousands" of movies and TV shows.

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4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook launching July 31st, will retail for $550

MobileSyrup - Here it is! The much talked about launch of RIM’s 4G LTE-enabled BlackBerry PlayBook tablet is upon us. This tablet was originally announced back at Mobile World Congress in 2011, but subsequently delayed.

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Engadget - Pacemaker DJ app for BlackBerry PlayBook impressions

Engadget - Back in 2008, a nifty little box of tricks elbowed its way onto the market -- the Tonium Pacemaker. A gadget about the size of an OG PSP, with a complete DJ set-up hidden inside. It was a brave idea, and one that was fondly received.

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