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Engadget - Kingston Wi-Drive wireless storage for iOS review

Engadget - With nearly 350,000 apps and counting, the iPhone's maximum capacity of 32GB doesn't allow you to even scratch the surface of the App Store's catalog. Throw in an HD movie, some TV episodes, hundreds of tracks and a few thousand photos, and you'll be chewing through those available bytes in no time.

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BPro | A look at Kingston Wi-Drive Wireless Storage

Blast Process - "Kingston Wi-Drive is a portable storage device that's aimed at helping you to connect and share you're content between other users or simple taking the desired content to a different device."

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Kingston Rolls Out 128GB Wi-Drive for Smart Devices

Maximum PC: "Kingston this week added a 128GB capacity drive to its Wi-Drive line, which hitherto only included 16GB, 32GB and 64GB offerings. With the Wi-Drive being aimed mainly at storage-starved tablet and smartphone owners, the 128GB drive seems like a good addition to the lineup and should make Kingston's wireless storage solution attractive to even those who own smart devices with external storage support."

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Pocket-Lint: Kingston Wi-Drive review

Pocket-Lint: When it comes to the iPhone, iPad and iPod, storage is expensive. These devices all have fixed amounts of storage, and no way for consumers to upgrade them with simple memory cards. And that can mean that people end up with less storage than they need, but as much as they could afford.

Kingston has, like some other storage companies, spotted this and has made some clever little devices to help users get the most out of their Apple devices, but with other phone operating systems starting to get a look in too. The Wi-Drive is a flash-based memory device that allows you to access files stored on it via Wi-Fi on your Apple - and now, Android - device.

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