Twitter Saw 600K Signups Yesterday, It Took More Than 16 Months To Reach Its First 600K

Twitter is tweeting out milestones for its 5th birthday; So far we’ve got that there were 224 Tweets sent on July 15, 2006 (it’s first day) and that now users send that many Tweets in less than a tenth of a second.

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codyodiodi2742d ago

It's incredible how much Twitter has grown.

fatstarr2741d ago

yea i was just about to think the same. soon things are gonna change though. the government will start regulating alot of stuff and the phone company's and internet providers will be right there ready to pounce.

disturbing_flame2742d ago

It took time but now Twitter is famous.
Good job.

gustave1542741d ago

Cool apple is helping too

iNFAMOUZ12741d ago

screw apple. Good Job twitter

lukasz2740d ago

twitter is used by most coorparations it is going to continue growing