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The Atlantic Wire: Why Don't We Terraform Mars With Comets?

The big question from theoretical physicist and occasional blogger Dr. Michio Kaku isn't "Can we terraform Mars for human habitation by bombarding it with comets and asteroids" but "Why haven't we started yet?"

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AuToFiRE4666d ago

because we dont have the global finances to do so

theonlylolking4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Because no one in the world would try something that big except me. If my country did that then I would own a whole planet =)

Lord_Sloth4665d ago

Sure, we'll get right on controlling the course of comets. I'll just send god a text right quick and in a hurry. XD

Shackdaddy8364665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

Oh, ya, sure, it's so simple. Just go out and find a bunch of comets, somehow strap rockets to it, then somehow launch that comet at mars so it does little damage to the surface. Extremely easy and not expensive and all >_>

madjedi4665d ago

Yeah we are probably talking about 50-100+ yr from now, and repeated comets likely for a century or more.

Why are people always stupid enough to believe this has to be finished in our lifetimes, in 200-300 yrs what makes you think we will still a currency system.

The first space flight wasn't cheap or easy, we still did it and have expanded our knowledge about space considerably since, why the hell shouldn't we try to terraform mars.

Just because something is not practical today, does not mean 50 or 100 yrs from now it will be so. But that why the most of the general publics opinion on these matters, is irrelevant this is for your great grandchildren or their children, not anyone currently walking on this planet people.


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