The Growth of Mobile Marketing and what Business Administrators Can Learn

Mobile phones are expanding every year. Not only are more and more people getting connecting through mobile networks, but mobile devices are becoming more powerful.

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fatstarr4667d ago

While its all nice and dandy there are just somethings the desktop is better at. like downloading and power and physical power. but another nice info graphic.


COVID-19 crisis digital marketing for the new normal

Digital marketing is a vital requirement. Fight the COVID-19 and be smart about your budget with the correct digital marketing services. Online marketing must happen, no matter what. Be smart about your finances. Save cash but make sure that your basic digital marketing is executed. Connect with us to get the balance right. Don’t let COVID-19 bring you down.

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Phablets account for over half of mobile devices in use

Larger smartphones, also known as "phablets", continued to increase their popularity in 2017, with over half of all mobile devices in use now belonging in this category, according to Flurry's State of Mobile 2017 report.

55 % of devices fell into the "phablet" category, compared to 41 per cent in 2016. Small and medium phones, as well as small and full-sized tablets, all saw declines, with medium phones in particular ceding ground to the more popular phablets, and dropping from 44 per cent in 2016 to 35 per cent in 2017.

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6 Apps to Turbo-Charge your Mobile Marketing efforts

Mirolta : Do you have a collection of apps that can help you with your mobile marketing? If not, you’ll be pleased to learn there are a number of apps that can be put to good use in assisting you with promoting your business by using your own mobile devices and giving you the ability to more easily work with others through their mobile units, whether they are potential customers or your employees.

Here are 6 apps to turbo-charge your mobile marketing efforts...