Is this the end for Facebook?

Which? Convo: Facebook seemed to have bucked the trend of short-lived social networks (Bebo, Myspace). Until now? I’ve seen people deactivate their Facebook accounts left right and centre, so is it time we all jumped ship?

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fatstarr4665d ago

a Long battle awaits, facebook is on the same level as a drug it will be hard for people to quit unless there's a revolutionist that kills it.

codyodiodi4668d ago

With 750 million active users I can't say Facebook is going anywhere, anytime soon.

However after a few weeks on Google+ I can say that I check my Google+ account before Facebook now, and as more people get on the social network I can see Facebook slowly turning into the next myspace.

colonel1794667d ago

That's the thing. Obvioulsy the 750 million users won't switch overnight, but they will eventually.

The advantage that I see with Google+ is that it is easy to share things you want with the people you want. The interface is also easier than Facebook. Also, Facebook has made changes that make less and less sense everytime. To access friends is like you are trying to figure out an easter egg.

I haven't tried Google+ yet to fully build an opinion, but for what I have seen (demos etc) and hear, I think that unless Facebook pulls an ace out of thin air, everybody will be using Google+ sooner rather than later.

PS360PCROCKS4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

oh my god i know colonel. I always get lost trying to find my friends list, it makes no sense whatsoever. Plus all the damn invites, farm bullshit, yada yada, it's just annoying to use Facebook. Plus everyone now uses FB like it's Twitter. Thank you but i don't need to know your pooping, peeing, reading, vacuuming, etc. People post the stupidest shit all the time.

fatstarr4665d ago (Edited 4665d ago )

the one problem i have with google+ is its hard to find people you know. like people i know in real life i search their names it doesn't come up in the system then they eventually add me.

the notifications need some work some comments are just overwhelming it should be structured like here lol. Nested comments rock.

michass84667d ago

there is a space for competition on the social networking market. Facebook will stay on the market and grow as well as Google...

smurfz4667d ago

If Google+ keeps growing at it's current rate I could see it being a very high competitor. Soon enough Facebook will become scared and it will be a rat race between the two for new features and innovation.

Nawert4667d ago

That is what I am hope for. Competition always means better products, just look at when Facebook was competing with MySpace, it released awesome innovation left and right and that is now why it's #1.

steve30x4667d ago

I will make my judgement when I actually use Google+.

-EvoAnubis-4667d ago

If you need an invite, I'll hook you up. Just PM me an email address.

On topic, Google+ is awesome. I only rarely check my Facebook page anymore. Most of my friends have made the jump, while family seems hesitant. They'll come around eventually; G+ just offers more, and it's still in the limited field trial for crying out loud.

steve30x4666d ago

Thank You. Ill send the PM right away.

-EvoAnubis-4666d ago

Three people sent me PMs thus far. All three have been invited to G+. If you gave me a gmail address, that's where I sent it. If you didn't, be warned that you may have to check your spam filter.

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