Facebook Video Chat beating Google Plus Hangout

The Hangout feature on Google Plus is something that is being discussed all over the web at the moment, however it is nothing new. A group video chat has been available for years, but it is where it is available that makes it worthwhile.

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codyodiodi4222d ago

You can't look at numbers in this case though, Google+ is available to far less people than Facebook. This isn't surprising at all, give it time and I'm sure Google+ will have more people using Hangout.

searchbuzz4222d ago

Preeetty much what I said.

fatstarr4221d ago

pretty much the nail on the head.

I still havent gotten used to google hangout yet its confusing to me so far.

huddles on android work like text messing though.

_Q_4219d ago

Meh its ignorant to think either will stay stagnant and Google has a ego about G+ right now. I'm certain this is gonna be the start of a nice *$%# measuring contest which the user will benefit from.

zag4210d ago

It's probably because G+ doesn't offer much in the way of doing stuff on the site or anything to keep you there.

Sure having 200million people is a alot but I reckon 99% have probably opened it up and done nothing more.

I have 20+ invites and only 2 have been used and those 2 haven't done anything more with G+ other than sign up, and they use facebook all the time.