From Freedom to Organized Crime: the Evolution of Hacking

The word Hacker makes every website owner, IT consultant, and business cringe. Actually it probably makes us all cringe. Being hacked is extremely annoying, stressful and comes without warning except the awful phrase, “You have been hacked.” Terrible, we know. But, it wasn’t always like this, hackers used to be the positive, computer whiz problem solvers...

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lukasz4603d ago

i have never been hacked lucky me


Odysseus mission to be cut short after moon lander's sideways touchdown

Engineers expect to lose contact with the private US moon lander Odysseus on Tuesday, cutting short the mission after its sideways touchdown last week.

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NVIDIA will Reveal New AI Advancements at CES 2024

NVIDIA will have a Special Address at CES 2024 which is scheduled for Monday, 8 Jan. at 8 a.m. PT / 5 p.m. CET.

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Class B tabletop Autoclave

A Class B tabletop autoclave is a sophisticated and compact sterilization device used in medical, laboratory, and dental settings to effectively sterilize equipment, instruments, and materials. It operates on the principle of high-pressure steam, eliminating microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and spores from items placed inside, ensuring a sterile environment for medical procedures, research, or other applications.