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Tokyoflash's Kisai Kaidoku LCD watch arrives 12 years too late for Neo, Trinity

Engadget - There's something to be said about someone who'd rather strap an LCD full of words on their wrist instead of a tried-and-true pointer-based timepiece. Comically enough, that description is likely to flow across the LCD of Tokyoflash's new Kisai Kaidoku.

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New Tokyoflash Japan Watches Released: Kisai Space Digits

Gamer Fitnation: Tokyoflash Japan just released the Kisai Space Digits, a new watch model featuring a futuristic-looking time display and hardwood casing.

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fredolopez3750d ago

i love their watches and i don't even use a watch!


A $100 Watch Can Tell If You’ve Had Too Much To Drink

TechCrunch: The Japanese watch company Tokyoflash has long turned heads with their odd (if unreadable) designs but in a first they’ve added a breathalyzer to their Kisai watch, thereby allowing you to see just how drunk you’ve gotten at la Jetée.

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In2iti0n3960d ago

I think he was already drunk before he started to test the product.

Nucky3960d ago

This is what I needed for a while now.


Tokyoflash goes all '80s with its Space Digits watch

Engadget - Here's a timepiece that was acceptable in the '80s. This week, Tokyoflash is channeling Elite, Tron and Tempest to create the Kisai Space Digits.

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