RIM Buries Head in Sand Over Open Letter from Employee

Bright Hub: A recently published open letter from an anonymous RIM employee has led to another bullish statement from RIM management about their position. Isn’t it about time they started listening?

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fatstarr4221d ago

RIM is really in trouble, Failing phone, failing os its taking the route of the sidekick instead of undermining this letter they should really listen to it and make changes before its too late.

Danteh4221d ago

I've never underatood what blackberry offers in front of other phones. I mean why would you buy a phone with a keyboard that takes up half of the space? security when sending messages? Not be etter than the iphone... i serioualy don't understand why the bb exists. Can anybody explain it? seriously :D

NovusTerminus4221d ago

BlackBerry has always been a business phone. Setting a calendar, organizing meetings, advanced schedules and such.

Not made for the average teen or tech person, more so for CEO's and small companies trying to grow.

Minimox164221d ago

I think the same of you, here in my country (Panama) people bough it just because the BB Messenger and that's it :/, the BB price it's high here but people still bough it for for that messenger, i prefer to get an Android or an iPhone.

zag4221d ago

While I haven't used or owned a black berry.

They seem to be a office phone, these aren't in the same bracket as Iphone or android phones.

In an office phone you want calendars that can set up tasks and reminders etc, the android OS doesn't offer this, Winmobile does offer this.

Then you want contacts where you have more the business side with notes or task/meetings can be placed against these people.

Then you want the ability to run office programs etc or access office documents the iphone can't do that well and then has major problems trying to open word and excel files.

Office phones aren't about the games you can play it's about what contact and orginsing and file management it can do.

It's a phone for a set bunch of people and those aren't kids.

evanblive914221d ago

It really is pathetic. 2 whole years go by and RIM still has not put a new flagship phone on Sprint. No wait, they put a trackpad on an existing model. Are you kidding me. My brother had a BB and actually liked it (twitter addict) but didnt want the same phone for 2 years. Now he has an Epic. It seems RIM is asking customers to dive from their platform.