HTC Desire Gingerbread action coming in July

Pocket-Lint: The will it, won't it saga seems close to an end now with HTC stating that the Android 2.3 update for the HTC Desire "will begin rolling the end of July".

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michass84222d ago

A bit to late... already upgraded... however it is a great news for all Htc Desire users who was so angry after this Htc game: 'release update or not...'

KingPin4222d ago


could you tell me what desire model you have and how the phone is holding up?

i have the DesireZ and im looking to do the CM7 mod. not sure if i should though. only got the phone in january this year. i wouldnt wanna void any warranty. thats the only reason iv not tempered with it as yet.

michass84222d ago

I had the firs model of HTC Desire. I never go for those custom mods, cos I simply don't trust them and they are not perfect (sometimes some features of the device are not working perfectly). Last week I upgrade for Samsung Galaxy S II - smashing device :) HTC was ok but the internal memory issue was so annoying... You have better model than my one, so hopefully it is working well for you.

KingPin4222d ago

can anyone here explain to me, why is it that hackers know how to upgrade to gingerbread with a full rom <one not missing anything> and the makers of the phones are struggling?

am i missing something or is the manufacturer trying to screw us?

michass84222d ago

Manufacturers are trying to make us to buy new device... simple as that...