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Open Source College Textbooks In The Future?

With the rising costs of tuition and textbooks at Universities and Colleges, a new movement of open source text books has begun. Which is great for students who may have to drop out of school because they cannot cover all of their expenses. The bad news is that the open source books may never be widely available thanks to old-school publishers trying to squash the idea.

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fatstarr4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

haha I make a profit off of my textbooks every year. u just gotta do it right.

but this is a great article could come in handy if it ever comes true to a great extent.


Bright future for chatbots in education, health and HR

Dublin event to highlight the many opportunities from using chatbot technology

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Intel Announces Tech Learning Lab With VR Features

The Intel Tech Learning Lab will give students and educators around the USA access to cutting-edge VR technology.


zSpace Unveils its AR/VR Laptop Designed for Education

The laptop is designed to make immersive education open and collaborative.