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Sony PS4: Six features that are desperately needed

These are quite possibly the most anticipated features that have to be included when designing the next gen Sony home console-Playstaation 4.

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shreeveera4672d ago

1. Full BC with PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/PSV
2. Multi cell processors for CPU + GPU (2 in 1)
3. SSD & more ram (MS & NIN will use HDD in their next)
4. Bluray with even more space
5. Upgraded Dualshock
6. Finally An Affordable Price

Cross game chat,PS3 backward compatibility and an awesome list of AAA launch titles with a smart pricing might make Sony win the Next gen console war with release of PLAYSTATION 4.

Lord_Sloth4670d ago

Cross game chat doesn't mean much to me since I have a phone for peeps I actually wish to talk to and the people I'm playing the game with all have mics.

I suppose it'd be a decent feature but I'd never use it.

Also, why put the XMB there because of it's appearance? Seriously!?

MisfitSmurf4670d ago

Download theme for xmb, problem solved.

duplissi4670d ago

haha. i think it looks better untouched, but with a nice wallpaper.

besides every other interface (android, ios, windows, linux, OS X, etc) out there (baring the nxe for xbox) are relatively simple and easy to use, dont have flashy animated ads all over for a reason.....

duplissi4670d ago

you realize that sony doesnt use direct x at all right? direct x is an api designed to be a bridge between the software (game, OS, etc) and the hardware (gpu) because in computers there are many different types and configurations of hardware that you can have. to make it easier on developers hardware manufactures are asked to make their hardware comply with certain standards so that devs dont have to code for each one individually. but with a console thats all irrelevant because there is only one set of hardware which makes the need for an api like directx disappear, and that devs can get deeper into the hardware and code specifically for that hardware.

Kurylo3d4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

sony uses opengl, microsoft owns direct x and uses direct x in its consoles... apis are not irrelevant

Darkspade4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Start with the basics
How about 1080p all games

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xer01424d ago

OMG... I just wasted 5 min reading nothing useful!

I'll save everyone the trouble of visiting a click bait article.
The article basically says, wait until Sony engineers fix the problem with Youtube.

Orpheo1424d ago

Agree. Who approved this? This should never have made it through.